Create effective training for employees - easily!​

With JourneyX you can onboard and train your staff so they become productive quickly.

The Problem

It’s hard to onboard and train your staff. But NOT doing it, creates several issues for your business.

  • Long onboarding times = no productivity = direct impact to cash flows
  • Poor performance and engagement levels which reflects poor culture
  • Poor employee experience means employees would rather work for your competitor
  • People not confident in their abilities to perform the job well
  • Inconsistency in how people perform their job
  • Customers receive poor and inconsistent services

So... What's Possible?

We help you:

  • Create a stress-free employee on-boarding experience
  • create training that engages your staff
  • help employees become productive and stay effective
  • build a foundation that lets you SCALE your business


Employee Onboarding and Induction

Employee on-boarding is a critical part of the employee life cycle. We'll help you create amazing employee experiences that helps get your teams productive and aligned - quickly!

Learning Experience Management

You have your core business to run and scale. Let us manage the employee experience - so employees love working for you!

Custom e-learning solutions

Businesses can lack the resources or the time to put together the e-learning. We can help by customising e-learning solutions specific to your needs.

Content Creation

E-learning and employee communication requires various content. We'll help put together the right content for every need.

Media Creation

You can't afford to bore your employees. We'll help you create engaging and rich animated video for training and communicating your message.

Learning Management System

Deliver effective learning and training through a comprehensive LMS solution that helps create optimum learning outcomes.

Next steps...

My employees are my biggest assets. Increasing engagement, productivity and performance adds immense value to my customers and makes me feel extremely confident I can scale my business.

Ready to make this a reality?

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