It’s difficult for companies to create consistent and meaningful experiences for their people.

We help companies create experiences that are guaranteed to delight people and increase performance.

Who are we?

JourneyX is an Australian (Melbourne) based Startup bringing solutions that help create better experiences for employees.

We have a wider philosophy though – we are problem solvers and we put people first. Humanize Work is a function of JourneyX which is dedicated to creating happier, better, and people-centric businesses.

What's Possible with us

We’re building a tribe that’s all about human. In the process, we’re helping thousands of business create personalised employee experiences, increase performance, increase productivity and increase engagement.

We are an integral part of customer’s operations: by getting customers to be more human-centric and recognizing people as their biggest assets, we’re helping create a better work culture and great places to work:

  • create a stress-free on-boarding experiences
  • creating more meaningful and consistent communication
  • help you create engaging training to the standards your business requires