• Diversify your revenue stream
  • Offer additional value to your customers
  • Earn passive income
  • Earn from $300 for every signup + 20% every month of the subscription fee
  • Help create amazing workplaces where employees love to work

Register your interest in partnering with JourneyX.

Register your interest in partnering with JourneyX.

By partnering with JourneyX, you can give yourself piece of mind in knowing you're helping create great places to work.

Hiring, onboarding and developing staff is difficult and stressful for businesses.

We help companies create stress-free and engaging onboarding and training that helps delight employees and increase performance.


As a partner you can help your customers achieve the same benefits.

With JourneyX you will help customers create workplaces where you see these benefits for them:

The Business

  • employees become productive - fast!
  • reduced friction for managers
  • digitized learning to the high standards your business requires
  • a strong foundation that builds a larger and stronger business
  • employees become advocates of your business

The Employees

  • help them feel confident and effecient at their jobs more quickly
  • create meaningful and delightful experiences as they are inducted into your company
  • get them trained up to help them excel at their work
  • feel nurtured so they can contribute greatly to the success of your business
  • make them proud of their choice of working at your company

What solutions we offer...

Learning Platform

We provide a system that lets you create custom training for your employees, partners and customers!

Employee Experience Management

Meaningful onboarding experiences help employees fall in love with their company meaning they stick around longer!

Online Custom Training

We help customers get started with their own custom training. Onboarding and ongoing learning becomes part of the culture!

Partner Program

JourneyX partners enjoy a range of financial and marketing benefits. You can become a referral, affiliate, reseller or course partner.

Service Partner

  • Earn passive income for on-boarding, supporting, and managing their own customers on the JourneyX platform as a reseller
  • You most likely provide a white-glove service to your customers where you manage the entire relationship with the customer
  • We pro-actively support and help your business grow

Referral Partner

  • A referral partner enjoys financial benefits by referring customers to JourneyX.
  • Simply earn through referring customers others to JourneyX
  • We accept referrals online (affiliate program) email or through warm intros

Course Partner

  • As a course partner you can provide online courses and training for users on the JourneyX platform.
  • We will host and market your courses. Any course sold will earn you commissions.
  • Earn commissions every time your course is sold

How much can I earn?

Our success lies in the success of our partners.

Our rewards ensure you continue to get the best outcome possible when partnering with us.

Service Partner

  • Earn upto 20% of minimum monthly fee as-long-as customer continues to use platform
  • Set your own fee structures and programs
  • Additional commissions from course marketplace
  • Proactive support and cross-promotional opportunities

Referral Partner

  • Get an upfront referral fee for every new sign up. That's approximately $300
  • Earn 20% of minimum monthly fee as-long-as customer continues to use platform
  • 10% of any professional services fees provided by JourneyX in first period

Course Partner

  • Earn up to 70% of course fee
  • Promotiona opportunities for your personal brand

How does it work?

As an example, ACME Corp is a company offering a wide range of IT services to their customers. They decide to partner with JourneyX and refer a customer to us. The customer wants to create a consistent and cohesive employee onboarding and learning program.

Service Partner

JourneyX implements a full experience program with multiple courses. The program is provided through the JourneyX platform:

  • Professional Services revenue is $80,000 for the first semester
  • Platform subscription is $375 per month

ACME Corp will receive a referral bonus as follows:

  • Professional Services bonus at 10%
  • Platform subscription is paid at 20% for this customer for the year

Bonus Calculation

10% x 80,000 = $8,000 professional services bonus

20% x $375 x12 = $900

Total Bonus

As a referral partner, ACME Corp will receive a total bonus by year’s end:



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