Re-invent Employee Experience & Engagement

Turn On-boarding into Wow-boarding!


Manual onboarding leads to missed communications, low confidence, and even anxiety – for employees and the organization.


Turn onboarding into an experience your employees will not forget.

  • Build workflows that automate key on-boarding tasks
  • Automate communication prior to, during, and post onboarding that gets employees excited to join your company
  • Embed vision, philosophy and business fundamentals into a guided experience to align employees from day one

Create Experiences


‘Day-to-day’ & busy schedules can create friction between management and staff.

This leads to missed opportunities to develop and engage staff, resulting in a poor overall experience, even worse – staff turnover.


Turn Boring into Meaningful

  • Personalize manager-employee relationships through video messaging & nudges
  • Create onboarding sequences, learning workflows & communication campaigns to automate delivery and create consistency
  • Peer-to-peer recognition creates a culture of appreciation
  • Gamification to enhance engagement and participation

Better Workplace Communication


Emails inundate inboxes & are hard to track. Email engagement is hard to track and key messaging simply gets lost.

Poor communication creates mistrust and misalignment between management & staff.


Communication = clarity for employees.

  • Create and embed communication that can be tracked
  • Nudges and automation means both managers and employees communicate easily
  • Tailor email and SMS templates to keep communication highlyconsistent

Break down silos


Enabling ‘connections’ creates ‘links’ within the organization. The more links an employee has, the harder it becomes for the employee to leave. In short – it helps reduce unwanted turnover.

However, remote teams, growth,  dispersed organizations, or formation of silos mean people start to lose connections.


  • Create an online internal community
  • Share company announcements, knowledge, resources and victories
  • Celebrate events: birthdays, anniversaries and events – across teams!

Align Employees


Can all your employees state your vision, values, and key objectives off by heart?

Aligning to one vision, values and key objectives creates powerful organizations, empowers employees, and creates a strong internal brand.

Yet businesses struggle to create this alignment.


Staying true to your vision, values, and philosophy is what makes your brand yours. Now you can help employees stay true to these as well.

  • Bring your vision, values and objectives ‘to life’ by embedding into onboarding and ongoing workflows
  • Turn learning about philosophy and history into an experience

Empower your people


Often businesses don’t have a Learning Management System or they use it as an isolated tool that delivers little value.

Hosting courses is okay, but delivering them to achieve full ROI and effective learning outcomes is HARD.


Train your employees easily

  • Create micro learning, quick video lessons, and courses
  • Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing makes it easier to retain IP
  • Create mentors and buddies who can track employee progress and can assist employees

Next Steps

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