Quizzes and Activities

Quizzes and Activities

Quizzes provide a way for you to measure a user’s comprehension of the learning material in your course. They can be used outside of a course also as a standalone activity.

In this article we’ll go through how to create your quiz then add questions to it.

Note: You need to be the Site Manager to be able to create courses and add quizzes (activities)

To create your first quiz:

Step 1: Go into Course manager

Step 2: Click on ‘Activities’ link

Step 3: Edit an existing quiz or click on Add New

Step 4: Create the quiz overview

In the quiz page you will be able to enter in the overview text and also configure the quiz based on different settings.

  1. This is the overview area. Your users will be see this when they first start the quiz and acts as the header text on top of the quiz questions.
  2. The ‘Builder’ will let you create questions that go into the quiz
  3. The Settings tab lets you configure options related to the quiz

Create your quiz overview then Save the quiz. You can publish it or you can Save it as a draft for now.

Step 5: Add questions to your quiz

Under the Builder tab you will be able to add in questions.

To add a brand new question to a quiz:

  1. At the bottom of the quiz builder, click the + New Question link
  2. Type the name of your question (internal use only)
  3. Hit ENTER, or click the “Add Question” button
How to add new question in LearnDash quiz builder admin

Step 6: Select question type and add in details

There are 8 different question types you can pick from, we’ll go through these later in the article.

Make sure you have at least the following complete:

  • Question field: ‘This is the actual question that your users will see’
  • Answer: Depending on the question type you will have different answer fields.
  • Nominate the correct answer

Add in as many questions as needed in your quiz.

This is explained in more detail below. Otherwise see Question Types article for more details about each question type.

Step 7: Save or Publish your quiz

Step 8: Configure any settings. Every quiz has a default setting applied to it. You can configure different options to suit your needs. We won’t go into the details of the settings page. For now, make sure you are comfortable adding the quiz, questions and answers.

Step 9: Share or publish the quiz

You can now share the quiz with users through the URL:

  • Go back into the ‘Activity’ tab
  • Copy the URL as shown under the title of the quiz

The quiz can also be added to any course that you have created.


Existing Questions

All of your existing questions can also be found in the “Questions” box in the sidebar. By default, your most recent questions are shown, but you can click “View all” to see all questions, or use the search box to find a specific question by its title.

LearnDash quiz builder, questions metabox

There are multiple ways to add existing questions.

Add a single question: Hover over a question in the question box and click the “Add” button. This will add the question to the end of your quiz.

How to add a single question to a LearnDash quiz

Add multiple questions: Select the checkbox next to multiple questions, and then click the “Add Selected” button. This will add all selected questions to the end of your quiz.

Add multiple questions via LearnDash quiz builder

Drag & drop: If you’d like to add questions to a particular spot in your quiz, you can click & hold down your mouse, drag the question to the quiz builder in the spot you want it, and then release. This will place the question in your specified location in the quiz.

Drag & drop questions in the LearnDash quiz builder

Edit Questions

Questions have a few different parts to them, so let’s cover each area one at a time.

Question Title

Like we previously mentioned, the title is only for internal use, but it can be extremely helpful for the admin to find/edit questions on the backend.

Edit question title in quiz builder

To edit the question title in the quiz builder:

  1. Hover over the question whose title you’d like to edit
  2. Click the pencil icon
  3. Edit the title
  4. Hit ENTER, or click the “Save” button

For all other edits to the question, or its answers, you need to expand the question by clicking on the blue down arrow on the right. Alternatively, you can expand all questions at once using the “Expand All” link at the top of the quiz builder.


How to edit a question in the LearnDash quiz builder

To edit the actual text of the question:

  1. Next to the Question, click the pencil icon
  2. Edit your question
  3. Click the “Save” button


Editing answers in the quiz builder will depend on the question type. Different types have different options. As soon as you select the question type, your answer options will update below.

Add Answers

The following question types provide the ability for you to add more than one answer:

  • single choice
  • multiple choice
  • sorting
  • matrix sorting
How to add new answer in LearnDash quiz builder

For these question types, you can add new answers directly in the builder.

  1. Click the + New Answer link
  2. Enter your new answer
  3. Click the “Add Answer” button

Edit Answers

Editing answers will look different, depending on the question type. However, all answers & answer options can be edited in the quiz builder by clicking the pencil icon.

Here’s an example editing an answer for a single choice question:

How to edit answers in LearnDash quiz builder

Select Correct Answers

For single choice & multiple choice questions, you can select one or more correct answers.

  1. To the right of each answer, you’ll see a “Correct” option
  2. For single choice questions, choose the single radio button that corresponds with the correct answer
  3. For multiple choice questions, choose each checkbox that corresponds with a correct answer

The correct answer(s) is displayed in bold in the quiz builder.

Move Answers

The following question types contain answers which can be reordered:

  • single choice
  • multiple choice
  • sorting
  • matrix sorting
How to rearrange/move answers in quiz builder

To rearrange the order of answers:

  1. Locate the 6 dots to the left of the answer
  2. Click, hold down your mouse, and drag the answer to a new location

Remove Answers

To remove an answer in the quiz builder:

  1. Hover over the answer you’d like to remove
  2. Click the red “Remove” link
How to remove answers in the quiz builder

For all other question types, the answer options vary. Please refer to our question types documentation to see all available options.


How to edit question points in quiz builder

To edit the amount of available points for a question:

  1. Click the pencil icon next to “__ points”
  2. Edit available points
  3. Hit ENTER, or click the “Save” button

Currently, you cannot set different points for each answer via the quiz builder. Please see this page for instructions.

Question Type

How to edit question type in LearnDash quiz builder

To edit the question type:

  1. Click on the question type dropdown menu
  2. Choose a new question type

The answer options will automatically update as soon as you change the question type.

Question Settings

Question settings are the same across all question types.

To access question settings in the quiz builder:

  • Look for the “Question Settings” link below the answers
LearnDash quiz builder, question settings

Finally, if you need to open a question’s dedicated edit screen:

  1. Hover over a question
  2. Click the blue “Edit” link
Edit & remove links in LearnDash quiz builder

Remove Questions

To remove a question from your quiz:

  1. Hover over the question
  2. Click the red “Remove” link

This only removes the question from this particular quiz. It will still remain in your full list of questions, and if using it on another quiz, that quiz will not be affected.

Rearrange Questions

In addition to adding & editing questions, you can also use the quiz builder to move them around. You’ve got two options.

Drag & Drop

Immediately before each question, you’ll find an icon with 6 dots. When you hover over this icon, your cursor will turn into a hand. This means you can click, hold down, and drag the question to another place within your quiz.

Drag & drop questions to rearrange them


Also located before each question, you’ll find up and down arrows above and below the drag & drop icon. Clicking these arrows will move the question either up or down.

Move questions in quiz builder using arrows

Next: Understand the different question types.

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